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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've been working on descriptions for some of my recent work.

 It Happened Over The Course of Several Years:
Contact with other people in urban areas changes over time. Early in my life the city was briefly a scary place and then quickly exciting and full of life. After many years of living in an urban area I have the ability to blend into many different settings, as an introvert and observer this is a very practical skill.

The title of this painting, Moses, is in reference to Robert Moses the famed urban planner. This painting criticizes the highways that Moses favored that that divided communities. Communities were divided across the United States from New York to the Rondo community in St. Paul that was divided by Highway 94.

Socially Marginal - Build, Stir, and Repeat:
What I wanted to say with this painting is that the socially marginal are often not included on the organization of our communities. More importantly though is the cycle that we seem to be repeating of finding new ways to create new socially marginal communites. Once a community becomes too diverse time to build new communities in new places.

If given the opportunity I would rather listen to others talk than than talk myself. It’s not that I don’t have anything to contribute to the converstation but I learn more listening and I’ve learned the patience of listenting and understanding. I like talkers.
The Danger of, The Patience of:
Here I am considering the idea of profiling. Much like in the recent book by Blink my Malcom Glaser yet I want to know how we treat each other if we can’t profile. “The danger” of profiling and “the patience” of getting to know other people.

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