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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Selling Art

"I don't like to talk about selling art. I don't like to talk about how much another artist might sell." That would be a lie! Of course I want to know what others like me are doing. I compare my work with theirs, figure my career and my art versus them and try to understand the price. I've been given a lot of advice on selling art in the past, artist are usually the first ones to let you know if you are priced too high or priced too low.

I think most artists don't want to charge anymore than they have to. Artists would love to price work at a point that anyone can take it home, the art sale is an awesome thing. 

Pricing is a large part in selling art of course. 

Even more important is in making art. I've found that the art buyer steers clear of anything that I have made that I think might sell. The art buyer always seems to find the most honest and original paintings I have.That is what sells.

As a painter my goal is to stay original for myself, to challenge and continually ask "what else can I do." And if that sells then that sells.

Now that my art is my primary income, when I am in the studio, I am even more aware of the business of selling art. I think this has to change my approach to my work.The change will be even a stronger focus on the honesty and originality I pursue in my art.

I hope that has always shown through.

10:50 pm edt 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ahhh, I love spring. 

I took my daughter to a gallery last weekend. She is five months old and just able to look at objects. I can't wait to see her development as she experiences new things. The gallery is quite the environment, quiet, focused and intimate. 

My mother took me to galleries when I was an infant, now it's my turn. I realize you don't need to be an art lover or even be a friend of the artist at the gallery. It's the unique space a gallery offers that I look forward to exploring again.

10:00 pm edt 

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