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Thursday, June 19, 2008

This summer is full of talk.

Art this Summer
So we are in full swing of summer and I spend my time inside at the studio, painting. The larger canvases I have been working on have been quite liberating. The freedom I have to move around my work has opened up new possibilities, it seems the scale of my work has met the subject matter. While working on these larger canvases, visually they consume me. Only when I kick back in my office chair and roll across the studio do I get a good look. So here is what has been happening. Instead of just focusing on the relationship of people i am now looking at the relationship of people within their environment, I know, you're saying: Wow, how can you possibly do that Eddie? Well the vast white areas are more vast and the crowds of characters are even more crowded for one. For example, the vast white area represents a couple of things for me, opportunity and isolation. It's the viewer that determines what is happening for themselves. It's like presenting someone with a problem and they solve it, but it's their answer not mine. The environments I have enjoyed painting lately are the crowds of characters and their very hectic surroundings. There are many ways to look at this. One, take all your memories from today and put them together, take all the moments from an event, like a speech, a song, a book, a relationship and then put them all together. While I may represent a building or land and water for their literal meaning they also create a great environment.

What my paintings are representing
I've been working on some speaker pieces recently after taking in some of the political speeches recently. The crowds represent many emotions, personalities, values and so on. The structures, houses and buildings help represent the vastness that the political speaker is trying to reach. That is my idea anyway, I'm not so concerned with who is speaking or what they are speaking about, but visually representing the feeling of that event. I like to focus on the memories of that event. So, when I work, I don't plan the piece out at all. I focus on one event, one emotion and start painting. It is very much meditation for me, I'm painting my day dreams.

Big paintings!
This brings me back to the large canvases. The dreams are bigger and allow the viewer to step into them a bit more, feel the texture and depth of the paint. I suppose this is my current style. I want to show the under paintings and not hide them, it's me letting the past show through or past dreams blend in with the new ones. That keeps my work from being static for me. It also makes it easy to paint over new paintings, because they will still be part of the new work that is covering it up.

Next for Eddie
This is one of the first summers that I have been working so much, almost every day I have been painting so please join me at my show at Rosalux Gallery in July. The opening is July 10th from 7-10PM.

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